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Upper Lip and Chin Waxing

Mustache and beard define men, but wait... what are those hair in your chin and upper lip, lady? Let Queen Ginya's Upper Lip and Chin Waxing service take that off!

Leg Waxing

Feel free to show off your flawless beautiful skin! Indulge into our satisfying Half/Full Leg Waxing service - the answer to your body hair problems!"

Eye Treatment

Wrinkles. Dark spots. Eye bags. And other eye problems? Worry no more, honey, Queen Ginya's Eye Treatment will get rid of them all!

Eye Brows Threading

Stop plucking your brows and making your brow skin numb all the time! Indulge yourself into our satisfying and worthy eyebrow threading!


If you think, massage is just pure relaxation, think again! It goes beyond that,
and these benefits will give you the urge to head on to a spa center and have a massage!

Tui na Massage

Relax, relieve pain, and recharge at Queen Ginya and indulge in our Tui na, a dynamic and flexible form of Chinese therapy. Massage techniques and stretches are combined in arelaxing treatment.

Balineze Message

Acheive deep relaxation with Balinese massage! An ancient massage therapy that targets the whole body wellness and unclogs blocked qi pathways as it uses different techniques.
Your body deserves a treat!

Swedish Massage

An exhausted body and tired mind needs to be pampered with the best type of body massage! Thankfully, we have the kind of service that fits perfectly to your needs - Swedish massage!

Sports Massage

Heads up, athletes! Your dead-tired body from a day of exhausting sports training deserves to be relaxed. Thanks, we have Sport Massage to offer to you! Enjoy 60 minutes of soothing massage for only $78 (first trial)!


Having a beautiful skin is every woman's dream, right? So, why not make it into a reality?
Facial helps improve skin appearance and texture; pamper yourself now!

HSR Lifting Extra Firming Facial

The secret in looking years younger than your real age is choosing the best product for your skin. With Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Facial, you can look younger and more beautiful! It helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles and strengthens the skin's natural defense mechanisms.

Reversive Facial

Look younger with BABOR Reversive Facial that retains and extends skin cell lifespan, reactivate the skin's own anti-aging mechanisms and reduces fine lines and wrinkles! Let people wonder how you manage to have a youthful glow despite your age.

Signature BO Jin Facial

The secret to smooth, flawless and younger looking skin is here! Try the Signature BO Jin Facial and feel the results!

Gua Sha Facial

Look years younger than your age with the help the traditional Chinese therapy Gua Sha Facial of Queen Ginya!

Diamond Peel Facial

Reveal the younger and brighter version of yourself with the help of our majestic Babor Diamond Peel Facial service

Complex C Intensive Facial

Transform your skin from dry to radiant with our BABOR Complex C Intensive Facial, a vitamin-rich cream that adds youthful radiance to the complexion.

Collagen Anti Aging Booster Facial

Time to reduce those fine lines and other signs of aging with Babor: Collagen Anti-Aging Booster Facial that gently reduces wrinkles, fine lines, leaving the skin smooth and younger looking

Purifying Anti-Aging Stemcell Facial

Look younger and more beautiful with the help of our Babor Purifying Anti-Aging Stemcell Facial! The kind of facial treatment that will shake off all the aging problems in you!

Skin Guard Balancing Stemcell Facial!

Sick of your oily face skin? Don't settle with beauty creams and cleansers that promise you to have an oily-free skin, seek for a professional help instead! Indulge yourself in our Babor: Skin Guard Balancing Stemcell Facial!

Intense Purifying Stemcells Facial

Pimples are probably one of our horrible skin problems, especially teens. Fortunately, Queen Ginya has an effective solution to get rid of pimples! Our BABOR Intense Purifying Stemcells Facial Treatment is an effective way to relieve pimples and blemishes. It deeply cleanses the pores for a refined complexion.

Oxygen Revitalizing Facial!

Don't settle with plain and dull skin if you can acheive that glowing and rejuvinated skin with our very own Babor: Oxygen Revitalizing Facial!

Regenerating Milk Enzyme Facial

Want a pampering experience but have no time? This facial works wonders and it is a perfect refreshing solution to restore a healthy look.
Get rid of unwanted dark skin blemishes with Queen Ginya's BABOR Regenerating Milk Enzyme Facial Treatment that nourishes the skin with a combination of protein and kaolin. It leaves the skin smooth and refined

Anti-Oxidant Multi-moist Stemcell Facial

Whether you're skin experiences dehydration, under-nourishment and the likes, there's nothing to worry about! We've always got your back! Check out our Babor: Anti-Oxidant Multi-moist Stemcell Facial that renews your dry and flaky skin!

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